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The Ingham Institute is proud to be able to support many areas of research in South West Sydney. With six research streams, 42 research groups and over 350 researchers (including 50% practicing clinicians and leading academics) we can ensure we are helping as many people as possible.

As a participant of Rally For Research 2021 we want to empower YOU to choose the area of research closest to your heart to support.

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“In 2019, I walked 3km every day to raise funds and create lung cancer awareness in memory of my husband (2018), my father (2012), my father-in-law (2015) and my mother-in-law (2009).”

Nasreen with her son, Mahmoud

Nasreen's Story

Lung Cancer has hit my family hard over the past 10 years. I have lost my father, my husband Izzat and both of my in-laws to this disease.

In 2011, my father’s diagnosis took us by surprise because essentially, he was fit and healthy and had no symptoms. Within a short time the disease deprived us of him. His morals, generous nature, intelligence and wit is what I hold onto every day when I think of him.

In 2017, my husband developed back pain that turned out to be a metastatic lesion from Lung Cancer. We were devastated. But Izzat soldiered on through the pain, continued to work and live life to the fullest despite the disease. He refused to lie down and fought as hard as he could against the odds. I can’t put to words the devastation you feel when you are hit with a life changing diagnosis. His focus changed to ensuring that the kids and I were going to be ok. Our family and friends were shocked because Izzat was relatively young (50) and was a much loved and respected member of the family and community. Lung Cancer once again claimed another member of my family.

As I come to terms with my loss, I went in search of fundraising campaigns in Australia for Lung Cancer and I was disappointed to find very little if any. November is Lung Cancer awareness month and despite all the walks, runs and social campaigns that took place around the world, I could not find anything that I could contribute to in Australia. So I am determined to do some fundraising for Lung Cancer research and build awareness. Like Izzat, I will soldier on and work hard to help others and like my father, I will be generous and steadfast in my cause to fight Lung Cancer.

In 2019, I am proud to have raised over $20,000 alongside the Ingham Institute.


I lost my father, Saleh, to Lung Cancer in 2012 (68)

I lost my dear husband, Izzat, to Lung Cancer in 2018 (50)

We ask you to join Nasreen, and the Ingham Institute, to raise vital funds towards medical research.

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